Cancer Cancer Compatibility - Cancer Man And Cancer Woman

Cancer is the water sign and the hall mark of the zodiac sign is compassion for the people around. Highly sensitive in nature, the only drawback with Cancer is the extremely fluctuating emotions and mood changes in consequence. Emotion will run deep when two Cancers meet together. Both partners will be extremely emotional and gets hurt quite easily. Though they do not like to be hurt, it is an altogether different proposition when it comes to hurting others and without their knowing it, they can deeply hurt their acquaintances.

One of the drawbacks of the relationships will be that the mood variations of either of the partner could reach the extremes at any time. Both love their families and have deep and lasting bonds with their family members. While the two Cancer people will easily get too much attached to each other, who will relinquish his or her family for the other becomes the big question in the relationship of the duo. However, on the positive side is the fact that they have similar natures and this will add to their compatibilities. The match could result into one of the most intimate, steady as well as reliable combinations. Both partners will love each other and remain very protective as well but once again, the mood swings may come in the way of totally harmonious relationship and when both of them suffer mood swings, there will be none to cheer them up. Since too much emotion can make practical thinking extremely difficult, there will be two outcomes in the Cancer with Cancer relationship.


Either it would be one of the great love resulting in comfortable and cozy corners for the lovers or one of the most sarcastic, clingy, bitter as well as sardonic relationship. Unfortunately, there is no midway despite all adjustments and understandings between the partners. Much will depend on the efforts put up by the individuals. One of them must take charge when the other becomes too emotional or depressed. When both of them react in identical manner, the relationship is bound to run into rough weather and end up in disaster. Usually, the relationship gets going when the sailing is smooth but the things changes abruptly as soon as they face some problems or run into rough weather. With things around getting tough, the homesick Cancer gets irritated at the slightest provocation and the relationship starts going topsy-turvy. This is exactly the point where one of the partners has to be more assertive and take the relationship to its logical end. Problems in the love match are that since the partners share all the positive traits, they also similarly share all the negative traits in the zodiac sign. Caring deeply for each other they stand by their partners quite nicely but at the same time are also too demanding that could become irritating for the other partner. The same thing happens when the other partner becomes too demanding. Bottom line of all these is that it requires a lot of patience, understanding and practicality in the partners to get the relationship going smoothly.

Yet when it can be done the relationship will become too cozy and warm. Both will agree on sex, love as well as devotion that would be significant for the other. Since Cancer always feels the emotion at the psychic levels, this could be really beneficial for their relationship. Else the same could backfire. Ruled by planet moon, they need each other to sustain life but once again the intricate problem is that they also need earth and air to sustain. In such cases, outside interests will grow and this will make both the partners insecure about each other. And if that happens; it will be the parting time. Hence, both should be in the same profession understanding each other’s requirements and giving each other space and though no relationship is perfect, this will be better than many other zodiac combinations.

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